Localizing campaigns and text for Switzerland

When you're localizing your campaign from English to the Swiss market, you need three to four languages: German, French, Italian, and maybe Romantsch.

Your text will get longer and might not fit the design anymore. But that's the easy part.

Localization for Swiss German

Swiss German isn't German, Swiss Standard German isn't High German. If you simply translate your content into High German, it will work for Germany. But the Swiss will feel something's wrong, even if they can't put their finger on it.

The good news: Swiss German is a bastardized language. Chances are, you might even be able to keep some original formulations if they agree with commonly used Swiss anglicisms. I know which ones.

Swiss native specialist for localization

For emergency localizations write@kevinbloch.ch. I'm a Swiss native and do not only develop campaigns, but I've also localized many campaigns for the Swiss market for brands like Microsoft, Audi or Colgate.

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