What I offer


I write texts on every topic, for every medium, in every style. I write texts for websites, cross-media campaigns, app UIs, movies, banners and flyers. I even wrote a really cheesy christmas song for Microsoft once (I hate christmas songs).


I develop creative concepts for advertising campaigns, brandings, blogs and digital projects, from apps to video games.

I can work completely on my own or with a team.

SEO - search engine optimization

SEO means many things. For one, crawlable code, which is the main reason this subpage exists, because search engines cannot read the of this website's code.

It also means well-written, relevant text. What this means is mostly defined by anglo-saxon standards, since this is where most search-engine providers come from.

The text must be concise and structured in clear hierarchies, with relevant keywords present in headings, meta titles, image desciptions and first paragraphs.

Kevin Bloch

This is the website of freelance copywriter Kevin Bloch. Please have a look at my work. You can also read the site in German.